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The episode was written by consulting producer Mindy Kaling, marking her first writing credit for the series.

The episode was directed by Amy Heckerling, her only directing credit for the series.

"Hot Girl" is the sixth episode and season finale of the first season of the American comedy television series The Office, and the show's 6th episode overall.

The episode aired on NBC in the United States on April 26, 2005.

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Sun, Aug 21 - Noon HR Derby, 2pm warmups, 3pm game @ Shuttleworth The 2016 CDMABL All-stars: Tom Hopkins (Blacksox) - P/OFPhilip Weinman (Blacksox) - 1BDave Balsamo (Blacksox) - SSEvan Yacowenia (Blacksox) - 2B/3BZack Shellenger (Blacksox) - CJordan Bernacet (Blacksox) - CF/PTroy Conklin (Chatham) - P/OFDarren Conte (Chatham) -INFDustin Conte (Chatham) - OF/CEvan Young (Chatham) - P/2BMitch Mc Comb (Chatham) - CScott Buniak (Mets) - OF/IFJohn Fiorita (Mets) - OFJoe Slater (Mets) - P/Util Brady Farkas (Mets) - PDan Jones (D'Backs) - PMatt Simoni (D'Backs) - P/OFMike Dessingue (D'Backs) - OF/ INFJohn Repepi (D'Backs) - SSCasey Schoonmaker (Diamond Dogs) - INFWayne Burt (Diamond Dogs) -OFCJ Liesenfelder (Diamond Dogs) - PMitch Landers (Angels) - SSJoey Sportman (Angels) - 2BLuuk Visser (Brewers) - 3B/CNick Goodman (Brewers) - SSRich Yanatos (Bombers) - CJustin Cushing (Bombers) - SS/3B/2BJason Koney (Rockies) - CFJosh Coreno (Rockies) - 3B Managers from this year's championship matchup Jim Bonaparte and Phil Weinman will pick the all stars one by one on the day of the game.

MVP - Matt Simoni (Diamondbacks) Cy Young - Troy Conklin (Chatham) Manager of the Year - Phil Weinman (Blacksox) Rookie of the Year - Darren Conte (Chatham) Pitcher - Troy Conklin (Chatham) Pitcher - Matt Simoni (Diamondbacks) Pitcher - Matt Trestick (Marino's) Outfield - Matt Simoni (Diamondbacks) Outfield - Dustin Conte (Chatham) Outfield - Tom Hopkins (Blacksox) Third Base - Luuk Visser (Brewers) Shortstop - John Repepi (Diamondbacks) Second Base - Casey Schoonmaker (Diamond Dogs) First Base - Jordan Mc Comb (Chatham) Catcher - Rich Yanatos (Bombers) The Blacksox have won the 2016 CDMABL championship!

This is their 2nd championship, and 1st since 2012.

The Blacksox and Mets have now taken down the last 5 championships.

Kaling: Every picture would be of murder sites and me smiling. Novak: It would be wildly offensive, and that’s why I would buy it. Kaling: My favorite titles are Nancy Meyers movies. J.'s best friend, John knew his pal never really got over Mindy.

BFF’s Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak enjoy the amazing Spring weather together as they hang out on Wednesday (April 22) in New York City.


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