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This book tells the definitive story of the sexual and relationship values and practices of young adults.The authors draw upon their analysis of nationally representative data and scores of in-person interviews to help shed light on numerous questions about the sex lives of young Americans, including how long their relationships last, how quickly they become sexual, why the double standard is so stubborn, who remains a virgin and for how long, how gender imbalances in college change the rules of mating, the “price” of sex and its effects on relationship security, how online socia ...Women increasingly lost control of their bodies, and birth control advocates, like Margaret Sanger, were imprisoned for advocating their beliefs.In this new world, abortions were for the first time relegated to dank and dangerous back rooms.By the time he met Yi Liu, a woman in his graduate-level music theory class at Boston University, he was better prepared.On a summer day in 1989, as they sat side by side on the beach, Liu leaned over and kissed Shore on the lips.For someone on the outside looking in, a few questions arise.

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In college, Shore, who has autism, began to wonder if women spoke a language he didn’t understand.

She embraced him, then held his hand as they looked out at the sea.

“Based on my research,” he says, “I knew that if a woman hugs you, kisses you and holds your hand all at the same time, she wants to be your girlfriend; you better have an answer right away.” The couple married a year later, on a sunny afternoon in June 1990.

""These guys kidnap, kill, and rape women for a living.

So-- they’re-- they’re, yeah, you need to know that going in.


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