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They've been in a relationship for almost a decade - and iconic actor Al Pacino and his girlfriend Lucila Sole looked very passionate while on holiday in Mexico.

Inevitably, they stop in front of his rented house, which, like the actor, is elegantly dishevelled. Beyond him was a fenced-off swimming pool, and beyond that was what he calls “the bunker” (as in “I hunker in the bunker”), a drab beige outbuilding, where he sometimes goes to incubate his roles.

Lucila Sola and Maximo Morrone tied the knot in 1997.

During their nine-year marriage, the couple had two kids: Camila and Maximo Jr.

“I didn’t work with him, but he came over to the house for dinner.” NEWS: Meryl Streep Unauthorized Biography Claims Dustin Hoffman Slapped Her Across the Face During Filming of 'Kramer vs.

Kramer' Pacino was close friends with Streep’s then-boyfriend, actor John Cazale, and to this day, the 66-year-old actress laments her decision to cook spaghetti for her future co-star, who is the son of Sicilian-American parents.


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