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Who is saatchi dating

But in the end he said he couldn’t go through with all of it.

But the tears flowed when she was asked gentle questions about how her life is going following her divorce from Saatchi and the subsequent court case in which she was required to lay bare details of the couple’s stormy marriage.

On the witness stand, she was forced to deny being a habitual cocaine user and claimed she had been subjected to “intimate terrorism” by Saatchi during their 10-year union.

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However, she said events of the past year had left her with greater empathy for others going through hard times. “I could say things and they would be indiscreet but I don’t want to,” she said.She replied: “I try not to live in the public’s fear. If anything, I’ve stopped reading papers, which I find difficult because I was a journalist so long and I’m a bit of a print fanatic. Saatchi dismissed it as a “playful tiff” but Lawson moved out and the couple divorced two months later.In December, Lawson was required to give evidence at the trial of Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo, sisters who worked for the family and were later acquitted of fraud.At the time the former advertising tycoon was cautioned by police about the episode, which he at the time described as a “playful tiff”.This is not the first time the pair have been seen together at Scott’s.Today businessman Saatchi, 71, took a seat at an outside table, just as he did with his former wife on that fateful day almost two years ago.But this time he was accompanied by TV style guru Trinny Woodhall, with whom he has previously been romantically linked Once again Saatchi was dressed in his trademark buttoned up white shirt, though this time under a dark overcoat rather than a suit jacket. Saatchi, who once sported a full head of greying curls, is pictured with more of a short and spiky look.Looking glamorous in a shaggy grey coat, Trinny, 50, smiled away for the cameras - while Saatchi looked on as nonchalant as always.The couple may have even dined at the same table where the now infamous incident that spelt the end of Saatchi’s marriage played out.They were granted a quickie divorce six weeks ago, but 70-year-old Saatchi appeared happy to ­ return to the posh eaterie.One diner who witnessed Saatchi’s seafood supper with Trinny said: “He usually looks pretty thunderous, but he seemed to be rather laid back and enjoying himself.


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