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Vs 2016 designer cs not updating

VS doesn't let us change anything in our UI anymore, we can add or remove things in the design view, but VS doesn't generate the code for the UI-elements in the corresponding blabla. Whenever we try to build our solution we do get this - kind of pre-compile - message boxes with "object reference not set to an instance of an object", but without any further error information.

The message box appears several times, before anything is written into the console.

This is a major build with many of the exciting and long awaited features.

As far as preventing the comments I don't think you can.

We will contact you if we require any additional information.

In the end, even though we were able to make the service work and running in less than 2 days for internal demo, we ran into many integration problem when working with Identity Providers of client using the different SAML 2.0 implementation on various platforms.

If ever in doubt then add and then remove a control from the ASCX file to regenerate the designer.

It is almost always best to leave the designer file closed.

Thanks a lot We keep paying for each new version of VS just to find out that some functionality that was doing quite well in prior versions mysteriously got eliminated or broken in the new version.

This issue reminds me broken search/replace in 2012 block selection.


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