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“Right now we are doing a couple phases,” Carter says.

“Phase one: We went over to London and we did a recording session for about three weeks where we lived in a house in London right around the Olympics. We always messed with each other with those sticky hands.

“He says they’ve been chatting, texting, instant messaging and talking all the time; they’re both heavy into each other.” The 27-year-old has reportedly told his boy bandmates: “I really like her.” Read more.

Watch the entire full hour premiere episode right now online. Looks like the Kari Ann Peniche thing isn't the first time Aaron Carter picked up the pieces of his brother's failed relationships!

Okay, despite my initial resistance, I watched the premiere episode of the House of Carters tonight. Like fame, controversy has followed Nick and Aaron Carter and their three sisters.

Now they're getting a second chance to put family first.

“I don’t even know Britney, and at this time, with all that is going on in her life, I certainly wouldn’t want to get involved,” the Backstreet Boy tells celebrity gossip Marc Malkin.

And you people who leave all these mean comments like to say you don't care either but if you didn't then why are you leaving theses stupids comments In stead of just letting people ask what they want to ask. just because we have good taste in music, doen't mean we're immature.


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