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Picture Info can show basic picture information such as width, height, file size, file name, date time picture taken, ISO Speed...

and if image contain GPS coordinate, show location of the image on the map. * Location name (address, city, country) on the Map. Resolved bugs: - Resolved bug with showing Altitude below sea level (ie Dead Sea).

Picture can be opened from Picture Info application directly or can be opened using the apps link in the picture viewer (apps...). * Support light/dark theme * Zoom picture with pinch and pan gestures * Live Tile support * Fast app resume and Fast app switching * Support all WP8 resolutions * Support Large Tiles All EXIF tags that app support: File Name Type JPG, PNG Date taken Day taken Monday, Tuesday.. - Resolved bug when reading picture and exception shut down the app.

If you want to share picture and want to hide location coordinate of the picture you can delete all exif data. Width in pixels Height in pixels Effective Pixels in megapixels File size in KB and MB ISO Speed X resolution Y resolution Color space Exposure time Exposure index F-stop Aperture value Flash Onn or Off Camera Camera model Software GPS Altitude GPS Latitude in degrees, minutes and seconds GPS Lat (Dec) as decimal number GPS Longitude in degrees, minutes and seconds GPS Long (Dec) as decimal number Orientation Resolution Unit Focal Length Focal Len. Zoom Ratio Metering Mode Shutter speed value Artist Copyright Description Exif version Version number: Varies by device New Features in version 3.0: - New languages: Chinese Simplified and French. - Full screen for landscape orientation in Zoom page. - Remove unnecessary permissions (capabilities) such as Phone Identity and Web browser component.

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