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Dating is he serious

The way the whole night flew by with effortless conversation. He doesn’t call you for the next five days before your date. You wonder why he waited three days, but you say yes, anyway.

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Below, she takes us through a relationship reality check to keep your head clear at every stage of the relationship: Frances' first-date trick (known as her "Heartache Prevention Question") is simply to ask him, point blank, if he believes in X (X being your ultimate dream and goal, be it monogamy, marriage, having a family, or running away to join the circus).In case you are asking is he serious about me, you should think about his actions.Meeting his family and friends is always a big step because men don’t introduce women to the people they care about if they don’t plan on spending a lot of time with them.Here are 8 of the signs you should be looking for in case you’re hoping to spend some time with him.If a serious relationship isn’t what you’re after at this moment, you should consider these signs as warning signs.You can be sure that he is serious about you in case you notice the below mentioned signs.However, you don’t have to panic if you don’t see them yet either; it just needs time. When he says, "Hey, I have a wedding in November" as a way of inviting you instead of actually asking, it means he's taking things pretty seriously.4.He sits through because he knows it's your favorite.Granted, not everyone is in their right mind, but if you get a torrent of new Facebook friends, it's because they can tell he's serious about you.8. Cuddling with a sweaty ball of oozing mucus isn't fun for anyone. He doesn't disappear on you if you don't sleep with him after the first three dates.If he's making you soup and hanging out with you on your couch while you start building a collection of used tissues around you, it's not because this is some casual fling. The two of you even have a conversation about "where things are going."10.


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