Dating daniel

The book is arranged in two parts, chapters 1-6, which contain historical records, and chapters 7-12 which contain visions that Daniel personally received.

Each part has its chapters arranged chronologically. The Aramaic section is from 2:4b to the end of chapter 7. The idea being that Daniel must have been written not earlier than c.165 BC due to the prophesies in chapter 11 that accurately portray events that occurred in the Middle East up until that time.

Hasel in 1992, and was reproduced in Bible and Spade with permission.

Porphyry, however, claimed that all the events described in ff refer to Antiochus Epiphenes 4 and since he rejected predictive prophecy he concluded that this was the point in history when the book was written.

A word to begin, relative to the state of the question at hand. Since Driver first wrote, the arguments about Daniel have barely changed (Eccl.

In many cases we shall cite an argument originally used by a critic who wrote at the beginning of this century, S. 1:9) - indeed, some of the arguments that Driver later retracted are still in use by some critics.

(BAR) has played a major role in pushing for publication in a number of articles over the past few years, especially in 19 (Shanks 1989a, 1989b, 1989c, 1989d, 1990).

There have been charges of a scandal because there are about “400 separate unpublished texts arranged on 1,200 different [photographic] plates” hidden for some 40 years from the scrutiny of the scholars.


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