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Asp net objectdatasource updating denmark dating women

I have a dataset that I'm passing from my Gridview to my associated Object Data Source in order to update a row on the Grid View. Unfortunatelly, i still don't have VS or VWD installed in this machine and due to that I can't try to build a small typed dataset. I even made the tiers simpler: Presentation layer which contains the Object Data Source and Gridview Middle tier layer which contains the Strongly Typed Dataset and the methods to Select & Update the data.

I'm getting the following error when trying to accomplish this: "Could not find a property named 'Customer ID' on the type specified by the Data Object Type Name property in Object Data Source 'Object Data Source1'." This more or less I think tells me that I don't have the parameters set up properly from my Object Data Source with my middle tier method. Close() End If End Try Return int Recds End Function The Get Customers method works fine. however, if you can build a small sample that reproduces the problem over the nortwhind database, please put it here and i'll try it tomorrow when i get at work (I'd appreciate that you'd put all the code here so that i'd just have to copy/paste it at work : D) Luis, in reference to your above statement: "i think that the type indicated in the dataobjectypename should represent one item returned from the objectdatasource control and the return value of the select method should be a collection of items of that type." The datatypeobjectname was automatically generated there in the property after going thru the wizard. The return value from the function is a collection of records within that instance of the dataset. Bottom tier layer to actually retrieve and update data to and from the datasource.

You can refer to this tutorial to get started: Startv20/aspnet/doc/ctrlref/data/If you encounter any problems, do inform us. What if i have combination of Bound and Template fields in my Details View control?

But for template fields, i get all the values as Null.

The Data Object Type Name is a class which I have already marked with a Data Object attribute.

Now, I want to customize the update process and add some custom data to the parameter. Example: I have a BLL class which let's call it "Products BLL" and a data class "Product".

I am using Object Data Source with Business Class/Object Class.

Hi all I am creating update functionality with objectdatasource.

Actually it was working fine till i have not changed Update Method's parameter.

Get Profile Information(1); this.personal Info Details View.

All the examples i've come across show a declerative data source being used. The Detail View Update Event Args always has the Old Values and New Values collection empty.(Keys is too). I can use template fields and extract the value like this in the 'Data Bound' event handler Hi: I think it's better to use Object Data Source. path=~/aspnet/samples/data/Grid View Object.src&file=Grid View Object_cs\Grid View Object_cs.aspx&lang=C# Source I followed this example, and the appropriate BO method was invoked when user clicks 'Update' link of the Details View control. As per the example in the link, i'm getting the updated values entered by the user in the Update method of the Business object for Bound Fields.


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